Mikhail Delyagin in Oxford

November 12, 2012


Mikhail Delyagin, a famous Russian politician, economist and author of more than a thousand of articles and 13 books, will come to Oxford! Mikhail will be giving a talk on “Revolution in Russia: Is it possible and what comes next?”


When: 20th November at 7pm

Where: Dahrendorf Seminar Room, St.Antony’s College


Language: In Russian with English translation

Views: Mikhail Delyagin criticizes the Russian government for turning corruption into the basis of state system function and the liberal party for serving the needs of global business against the interests of Russia.

Mikhail participated in a number of political projects, ranging from Rogozin’s “Homeland” to Babkin’s “Party of Deeds”. Currently he is the Director of The Institute of Globalisation and the Head Editor of a Journal called “Free Thought” (previously “The Communist”). From 1990 to 2003 he was part of Yeltsin’s Governmental Administration, working as an advisor for many senior level politicians, including Boris Nemtsov and Evgeny Primakov. His most recent governmental post was the Advisor to the Premier Mikhail Kasianov.



“The regime which has formed itself in Russia can genuinely be considered to have its main aim in the plundering of the Soviet heritage and to turn this wealth into privately owned capital in so-called “fashionable” countries. This makes the regime unsustainable, and not only for the reason that it destroys feedback connections and, gradually, the economy itself, but also at the level of motivation…”

“In 2011 the “oil-based” economic model stopped working, the growth of state revenue and the raw resources market was accompanied by the decrease in earnings for the majority of the population. This caused the middle class to protest, which could spread throughout the country as a result of the policies that cut social benefits in the interests of officially-controlled developing businesses. The loss of control of the situation seems inevitable, despite the increasing cases of demonstrative political repressions…”

The course and consequences of the new system crisis in Russia and the potential perspective of a new Russia revolution are the main topics of the lecture by Mikhail Delyagin.

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