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The Oxford Russian Club History Project

As one of the oldest nationally-themed societies at the University of Oxford, the Club is in possession of an archive in excess of 1,200 items. This includes term cards, ephemera, correspondence between committee members and senior members (such as Isaiah Berlin or Sergey Konovalov), minute books, administrative documents, and photographs.

In preparation for the 120th anniversary of the Club's foundation in 2029, we are now calling for historian volunteers in our new and exciting the Oxford Russian Club History Project. You will be given access to our archive and your work will be fully credited in any subsequent publication or exhibition by the Club.

Did you know the Oxford Russian Club was fully operational during WWII? Or that Khruschev visited Oxford in 1956? How did the Russian Club handle its operations during the Cold War? If you want to discover answers to these questions, more about our association's history, and life at the University of Oxford in the last century, join our history project by contacting out archive team.



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